Founder & CEO

Tonya M. Evans

Crypto Law, Policy & Legal Tech Expert

Professor Tonya M. Evans is a distinguished law professor, renowned blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, and a visionary in legal education. With years of experience both in academia and as a practicing attorney, she has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional legal education.

Professor Evans is deeply committed to leveraging technology and innovation to provide universal access to high-quality legal insights and education. Her belief that "traditional education is dead" drives her to create solutions like, where cutting-edge technology meets expert legal guidance, empowering individuals and professionals across the globe.


🚀 Evolving Legal Education: Traditional law schools risk obsolescence in our fast-evolving digital world. is your pivot to relevance.

✨ Expertise at Your Fingertips: As a tenured law professor and blockchain advocate, I ensure you receive dynamic, authoritative guidance on cryptocurrency law.

✔ Accessible to All: Our platform breaks down barriers, making specialized legal knowledge available to everyone, regardless of background or resources.

🛡️ Navigate with Confidence: Armed with AI, equips you to confidently tackle the complexities of cryptocurrency law.

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